Pastor Ifeaoma Eze


(It’s not late yet. Make it happen)

Incase you are a parent of a preteen and you want to educate your child or children but you don’t know how, please print this and give them to read;

1. Your private part (that is your penis, vagina, breast, thigh, buttocks, etc) are private and should not be seen, watched, played with or touched by anyone.

2. Sex is not love and love is not sex.

3. Sex is playing with your private parts and that is reserved for only adults who are married to each other. Any other person who does that will be committing a sin and is liable to both physical and spiritual consequences.

4. If you have sex once, you can become pregnant or impregnate someone and that will hurt you and others and affect your life and that of your loved ones negatively.

5. Sex with condom is not safe sex, safe sex is not having sex at all.

6. Any person who wants to have sex with you as a favour or in exchange for a gift is a predator, run away from such a person and report to your parents.

7.Avoid watching films and movies that have sex scenes.

8. You can get pregnant or impregnate someone the first time you have sex.

9. There will be a boy or girl you will like very much but remember that it is just a crush and infatuation. Infatuations and crushes don’t last. Be patient and wait till you are grown to love someone and be loved back for the right reasons.

10. According to survey, two-thirds of teenagers who had sex wish they had waited till marriage.

11. Having sex is not a sign of a big girl or big boy. It is not proof that you have arrived.

12. Having sex with someone is not a way to return a favour. Say thank you and walk away.

13. Don’t collect gifts often from the opposite sex, they may expect you to pay back in ways you may never want to.

14. Tell your parents immediately anyone touches your private part or forces sex on you. The antidote for the predator’s threat is to expose that secret to your parents or guardians.

15. If a parent or guardian attempts to touch your private part confront them with the truth and run away from their presence till another person is present. Evil cannot survive in public.

16. Learn how to keep your personal space from both same sex and opposite sex. Refuse to be abused by anyone.

17. Don’t find yourself alone in the room with opposite sex as unreal feelings may arise within you.

18. There is no sex so sweet that you can’t wait to enjoy in your marriage.

19. An unwanted pregnancy will affect your speed in life. It may not stop your future but it will certainly alter your speed.

20. You can get married as a male virgin or female virgin and have Great sex with your spouse because you have no other kind of sex to compare it with. It will just be the both of you breaking records that you set for yourselves.

I hope this helps!
Written By
Pastor Ifeoma Eze.

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