Pastor Ifeaoma Eze


Most times, your dreams frighten you because they are larger and bigger than your current state or capacity. The scary part is the magnanimity of your dream compared to the feelings of inadequacy you currently feel.
But never let it stop you!

One thing I know about dreams is that they don’t look like you. But you have to develop the courage to work and walk into that bigger picture of you.

Secondly, the enemies of your life are revealed at the moment of dream discovery. The one with no dreams, have no enemies.
They wished you had remained how you were. They liked you goofing around; but the moment the anointing of a dream comes on you, all hell breaks lose……. Dissident voices arise to tell you how you are not good enough……. How you are unqualified…….. How impossible your dream is……. How nobody like you has ever done that……. How you are just as normal as they are……. But never allow that to stop you.

Remember, you are not the first one to be frightened.
David was, but he encouraged himself.
Joseph saw a pit that didn’t look like the palace God promised him but he maintained his countenance.
Abraham was given the dream to be father of many nations but his present situation didn’t make him waver in unbelief.
Sarah judged God faithful.
Esther decided it was better to perish than do nothing.
Isaac kept digging wells despite fierce pressure.
The Hebrew boys didn’t change their confessions at the scene of the fiery furnace .

Stay strong and face your dreams!
If anyone can……
You are that One!
Keep Shooting!
The Sky is your starting point!

By Pastor Mrs Ifeoma Eze.

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