Pastor Ifeaoma Eze


By Pst Mrs Ifeoma Eze.

You are truly blessed,
I celebrate you today,
Many weeks have passed,
Many changes have occurred,
No one seems to Understand you,
Don’t Worry,
I have been there before,……

Your appetite has changed,
Your movement has become slower,
You don’t seem to catch up on anything,………
Just know that you are not alone,
I know what it feels like,

You worry if you will make it,
You worry if the baby will be strong,
You worry what the baby will be like,….
Will it be a he or a she?

Hold on dear,
Let’s focus on something else,

Think past the months ahead,
Think past the labour and the pain,
Think past the delivery day,
And imagine this cute little angel,
Focus on the beauty of earth’s newest citizen,
Focus on those cute Little arms and legs,
Let your thoughts be saturated,
With the beauty of those tiny shiny eyes,
That will speak deep words of appreciation,
For every milk gulped or body cleaned,

For the sake of this bundle of joy,
Please dear Mother-to-Be, endure,
Endure the painful changes and challenges,
And soon enough, you will be that sweet Mother with a cutie in her arms!
Congratulations in advance!

Yours’ Truly,
A mother who has been there,
Pst Mrs Ifeoma Eze.

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