Pastor Ifeaoma Eze


As crude as it was, a glory was buried deep beneath it. Hidden away under the crustiness of the earth awaiting to be discovered. Time passed and it seemed as if that day will never come. Years passed, and there was no sound of the miners. But no matter the delay, destiny can never be denied.

Because time and season must happen to everything under the sun. This gold was buried despite its greatness but Alas the miners have found it. It is gold, yet it looked so crude, dull and dirty. Children did not want to be stained by such a mess because it didn’t look good .But there is something that this gold must understand and that is the reason for its pain.
The goldsmith then prepares the furnace in order to heat the substance that has just being discovered so the real gold can emerge.

“The heat will be too much for me”, the gold cries.
‘‘The heat is not enough”, the goldsmith says. The furnace is heated until it is extremely hot and reaches the peak because a crusty substance must be transformed to gold. Eventually the gold enters the fire” it’s unbearably hot” it says. “wait and see” the goldsmith says “there is a reason for the pain, after you have been tried with this fire you will outshine all metals that ever existed”.

The gold becomes silent and patiently groans removing all focus from the pain and setting its gaze to the shine and lustre that will emerge. So despite the pain, the gold is silent, the gold is calm, others see it as being calm but for the gold, a storm swells up within him because he is not sure he can make it through the fire, however, just one decision to endure till the end will make the gold emerge victorious.

Hurray! The gold is out! Wow! Everyone gathers to take a look! And cameras in hand! They can’t wait to admire the beauty of the gold without having full knowledge of the fire it had endured. Women will do anything and everything to have it! Men could kill for it. Everyone wants to have it, but this was only possible because the gold endured till the end.
You, Yes, You are that gold. But if the impurities in you must be separated in order to shine, then you must past through the fire.

While you are passing through the pain, don’t quit on the fire, don’t quit in the heat, don’t quit on the pressure, because if you can endure a little longer you will emerge gloriously. You are gold my friend and there is a reason for the pain.

by Pastor Ifeaoma Eze

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