Pastor Ifeaoma Eze


Happy New Year Great ones!

1. THIS 2020, Know your God. Develop a stronger relationship with God. Worship more (Relationship), Pray more (Communication), Study more (Knowledge and revelation of God).

2. THIS 2020, Know yourself. Why are you here on earth? Discover and work your vision, purpose and divine assignment. Live for something while loving yourself.

3. THIS 2020, Separate from Vision extinguishers and Dream killers. Everyone does not deserve to know your plans. Surprise them with results! Not everyone is qualified to give you advice.

4. THIS 2020, surround yourself with result-oriented individuals and quality relationships. Re-evaluate and Re-invest in quality relationships: -Family -Mentors(Spiritual and Physical) -Friends -Mentees.

5. THIS 2020, Improve on yourself all round. Engage in mental and capacity development. Learn a skill. Go back to school. Attend relevant seminars and conferences.

6. THIS 2020, Invest more, spend less. Commit to multiple streams of income. Learn the difference between earned income and passive income. Money answereth all things.

7. THIS 2020, Take care of your health! Eat more fruits and vegetables! Exercise regularly! Health is wealth! When Health is lost everything is lost! Don’t lose you!

Enjoy your year of Heavy Harvest!
You have sowed too much!
It’s time to harvest heavily!

Pastor Ifeoma Eze
Zion Heritage Abuja.

N/B: Please, Let me know which number you love most.

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