Pastor Ifeaoma Eze


When it rains, I look out for the rainbows!
When its dark, I look out for the stars!
Because it isn’t about what you desire, it is all about what you demand from life. I have come to understand that the challenges I face are not exclusive. I have observed and can truthfully say that despite my pain, I still have a lot to be thankful for. So I have chosen to focus on all that I have and refuse to keep sulking about all that I don’t have yet.
For all I am and all I have, have been orchestrated to work harmoniously in other to produce all I can be. You know, they buried me but one thing they forgot is that I am a seed so like every other seed that is buried, I took my focus off the darkness that surrounded me and focused on the little nutrient, water and soil necessary for my germination.
So years later, after they thought it was over with me because my silence was misinterpreted as dead, I arose like the phoenix, out of the ashes, out of the darkness, out of the rubbles of the earth and I emerged as one so glorious to be written about.

So my dear when it rains look for the rainbow, when it’s dark focus on the stars because my scars are proofs of the battle won, my scars are evidences that I was knocked down but I stood up once again.

It is an aberration to tell the story of a man when he is still in a wrestling ring because despite the many bruises, many blows and many falls, what determines the result is who is on top when the whistle is blown.
I have come to understand that if you can perceive right you can receive right. The pain and the pressure, the people and the price, the passion and the pursuit were all necessary ingredients to make you better than you can be.

So next time it rains, look out for the rainbow because it is an obvious sign that the flood won’t swallow you, that the river won’t sink you and that the heaviness of that rain cannot be the end of your story.

Don’t give up my friend because at the end of that tunnel, a light is about to shine. The last key in the bunch might be the one necessary to open that door you have been trying. If you can perceive right you can receive right.

by Pastor Ifeaoma Eze

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