Pastor Ifeaoma Eze


It is very important that both partners step up in their sexual intimacy acts.

All styles can’t be painful at the same time. All styles can’t be an abomination at the same time. Though some can be very discomforting.

It is the duty of both spouses to intentionally satisfy their spouses without making excuses.
Marriage is the only platform where compromise is permitted!
If your spouse wants a style that is slightly strange but not abominable to your conscience and scriptures, you should step up a little, while the partner who is always imaginative and wants something new, should step down a little (and not make demands that are painful or uncomfortable).
With this, they will arrive at a mutually satisfying place in their marriage.

Each couple should decide together what their boundaries are and shouldn’t use that boundary to decide what other people’s boundary should be. It is exclusively yours.

If you remember that you are going to live with the same man or woman for the rest of your life (50 years and above), you will see nothing wrong in spicing up your love life without being boring!
I hope this helps somebody!

Written by
Pastor Ifeoma Eze

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