Pastor Ifeaoma Eze


Facebook always likes to ask me what is on my mind.
Well, here are the musings of my mind……..

Most people from my generation had very mean parents who didn’t care about the emotional side of our well-being, yet suicide was scarcely heard of.

I don’t know what is happening with these young people. Why couldn’t he or she express what he or she wanted by writing a “Love me more Note” with this level of clarity used to write a suicide note?

In addition, let’s teach our children that suicide is a very selfish and wicked act.

Child, Don’t tell me you love me when you will not give me a chance to “change” and “understand ” you more. It’s not loving. It is wickedness. It will give all who love you pain when you are gone. Your parents and siblings will live with the stigma forever.

Let’s teach our children to be grateful for the little things.
Let’s tell our kids about kids who were abandoned but with resilience,they made it and survived without love and care.
All these disney princess and Prince Charming entitlement mentality won’t help our kids.

Me, am just fed up with suicide stories about kids and may God help all parents who are struggling and making worthy efforts to raise their kids.
Your kids may not appreciate the effort you are making, but God who knows your secret struggles in order to be the best parent to your kids, which your parents were not to you, will graciously reward you all in Jesus name.

A Concerned Parent,
Pastor Mrs Ifeoma Eze

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