Pastor Ifeaoma Eze


“She is growing so fast”.
Yeah, in just a few years!
Your baby girl is blossoming!
She is such a delight!

You beam with smiles, As you watch her dance to lovely tunes on the radio. You wave your head and smile to yourself when you watch her play with her friends.

“She is so lively, lovely and active” you say to yourself. “she doesn’t have a single worry” you assure yourself.

But in just a moment your baby girl goes melancholic. “What’s wrong with my baby girl” you ask.
“Nothing mummy” she replies.

After a while she begins to complain about uncle Max. You think it’s nothing.
“Mummy, I don’t like uncle Max” she says only to be shut up with your outburst and transferred aggression.
“You are so stubborn and lazy that is why u don’t like your uncle who is teaching you how to be a good girl”…..shut up” you flare out! “Mummy please listen” she says.
“Go to your room” you scream!!!

Times have passed, your baby girl becomes reserved and more quiet and you assure yourself “my baby girl is becoming more matured”
Certainly, she has become more matured because she has been abused right under your nose all because you refused to listen.

Dear Mummy, please

1. Do not leave or agree to hand over your daughter to any “Uncle” even in school, no “uncle should teach and care for a class that is all girls???without female minders.
2. If you live with males when you have girls, those males MUST NEVER enter or clean your daughters’ rooms.
3. Your daughters MUST not sit on the laps of a man. I mean, what for.? Fathers are sexually abusing their own biological children, how much less!!!
4. Do not hand or trust your girls in the hands of a “beloved son or uncle” and relax and boldly say, their uncle took them out, PLEASE to where?
5. Your female’s must be talked to, counselled and sternly warned that there private parts are no go areas for ANYBODY. Right there In the bathroom, they should wash their private parts themselves. Teach them sex education by yourself! If you don’t teach them, social media, internet, neighbours and your enemies will teach them!
6. Do not be an absentee mother. No maternal deprivation at all. Let’s open our eyes. Alertness and sensitivity is seriously required.
7. Insist that your children confide in you and should always report back how their day was spent.
8. Make yourself available for your children whether you are in town or not. Thank God for mobile phones etc
9. A male should NOT nurse a female baby both at home and in school.
People’s minds now are crooked, corrupt, gone weird and strange, 10. Please when your children both sons and daughters try to confide in you, please listen to them, don’t interrupt and don’t overreact, if not, they will never trust you again. TRUST NO ONE.
Yours’ Truly,
A fellow Mother,
Pst Ifeoma Eze.

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