Pastor Ifeaoma Eze


A loving Marriage is built intentionally!
No part of a sweet marriage happens without your conscious input!
Go out of your way to make your marriage sweet!

The wooing shouldn’t stop!
The Public Displays of Affection shouldn’t stop!

Kiss her on the forehead publicly!
Send him a Romantic sms/ or whatsapp message.

Buy her flowers!
Buy him a wristwatch!

Hold his hand!
Hold her Shoulder!

Tell her she is the best thing that ever happened to you!
Tell him that you are privileged to be married to a Great Man like him!

Come back from work early to take her out for dinner!
Send the kids to Grandma’s so you can have time to seduce him and make him feel young again!

Rub her legs and that waist she used to carry your kids!
Give him a full body massage and don’t forget to scratch his back!

Serve him his food like a king that he is. Kneeling down shouldn’t stop at the traditional wedding!
Get her breakfast in bed!

Hold her and look into her eyes lovingly without saying anything. May her shy again!
Within the confines of your home, dress up for him with those cute revealing things to remind him that you still gat it (For his eyes only).

Tea doesn’t get sweet on its own, you have to add more beverages!

Food doesn’t get sweet on its own, you have to add the right ingredients!

Marriage doesn’t get sweet on its own, you have to intentionally go out of your way to make your spouse the major object of your affection!

You are not too old to do this! Enjoy love now that there is still time! Don’t wait till funeral to write a soul-rending tribute!

Pastor Mrs Ifeoma Eze.

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