Pastor Ifeaoma Eze


It’s a season of Celebration.
You see couples twin in pictures.
You see kids all around them.
Others are celebrating a marriage ceremony.
Then some family and friends humourously ask you when yours will be.
And you begin to worry……
Why is this not me?
Why has this not happened for me?
Are men blind?
Or am I too ugly?
What’s wrong with me?
There must be something others have that I don’t have? …..

Wait a minute!
Time and chance happens!
And everyone’s time is not the same.
Others marry at 22 and divorce at 29.
Others give birth at 25 and lose their baby at 35.
Others find love at 35 and live happily ever after.
No time is the best time.
Only God’s time is the best time!

I know it is difficult to wait.
I know you feel very lonely most times.
You wear your happy face on social media,
But wet your pillow at night with tears.
Don’t think that because you are single you are stupid.
You are in a process and don’t tell me about another person’s shorter process.
Our making process are not the same.
There must be a reason in God’s mind for this wait.

But while you wait;
Love yourself
Treat yourself well
Build up capacity
Learn more
Study more
Travel more
Dream more
Work on your dreams and vision.
And let him meet you busy.

While doing all these,
Love God
Trust God
And wait on Him
His time is best
He makes all things beautiful in His time.
He hasn’t forgotten you.
Rather, He is working out something wonderful for you!
The process of making fast food and that of making our local bitter leaf soup cannot take the same time.

When God is done with you, You will shine forth like gold!
Don’t give up on yourself!
Work on yourself!
Keep trusting in God!
Keep waiting on God even when it is hard to wait.
And soonest the right man who will love and appreciate you for who you are will come into your life and he will never feel like he is doing you a favour by marrying you!

Can I tell you that,
You are loved!
You are special!
You are enough!
Your time will soon come!
You are waiting and not wasting!
Just know that I love you and I believe in you!

by Pastor Ifeoma Eze

Senior Pastor at Zion Heritage and Miracles Ministries.

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