Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary my King – Pastor Ifeoma Eze


After Fifteen Years of a Blissful, Peaceful, Impactful and Enjoyable Marriage; I make bold to say that God gave me everything, when He gave me, You!

You always say that You are blessed to have me but I am actually the Blessed one! I am the one who is celebrating God’s blessing upon my life!
God’s settlement in my destiny!
God’s reward for my consecration and trust in Him!
You are more than I asked for!
You are more than I imagined while growing up as a young teenage girl!
When God gave me you, He gave me all I needed for a beautiful life of impact here on earth!

Darling, you have been and are still a HOLY man of God since I met you.
You live what you preach.
You mentor and father our sons in the most Adorable way.
Their hearts are Saturated with love for everyone they meet because they see daily how much you shower love on me and everyone around you!
The people who God has given us to Pastor cannot deny the fact that you are The Mandated Prophet sent from God.

It’s your heart that I fell in love with Fifteen years ago and with each passing year, your heart becomes more loving and beautiful to me.

There is so much to love about you – your energy and your passion; your zeal for God and your zest for life. But the part of you that I love the most is your heart. It’s a heart that continually seeks after God, always looking for ways to serve Him and those He has called you to lead. You have a heart that longs to draw men to God, to cause them to discover who they are in Him and cause them to Rule and Reign for Christ.

So today, I say, Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary my King!
The wind beneath my wings!
The Cake that I ice!
The King in my Kingdom!
The rhythm in my Song!
The Lyrics of my Poem!
The Heart that beats within me!
The Colours of My Rainbow!
The Human that I flaunt!
(Let me exercise self-control and stop here ?)

May God keep us formidable as instruments of peace, of power and of purpose here on earth.
May God bless us like only He can.
May He continue to honour us as we continue to serve Him with our whole being.
We pray for many more wonderful years ahead and a life of heavy impact that will wound-jure (wound + injury) the earth positively in Jesus name.
I love you uncontrollably ?!

From your Flame Keeper!
Pastor Mrs Ifeoma Eze

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