Pastor Ifeaoma Eze


The difference between where you are and where you will be is just Time!
The difference between here and there is “T” and that T stands for Time.
Every warrior was once a crying baby!
Every king was once a pooing child!
Every singer was once a blabbing kid!
Every billionaire was once a struggling business man!
Every Great Man of God you see with excessive crowds to preach to, once had a church where two or three were gathered!
Every president was once an ordinary politician!
Don’t look at where you are today and assume that you will never get to where you desire to be!
It is not about where you started from, It is about where God is taking you to!
I know you have asked yourself, “Will I ever get there?” “Am I good enough?” “Do I have what it takes?”
But like my Anointed husband, Bishop Okwudili Eze will usually say, “Your Background cannot stop your Higher ground”.
If there is a will, there will be a way!
And before you conclude that God can’t do the impossible with you, please check your Elizabeth! Because God is already doing with someone what he wants to do better with you!
Don’t give up on yourself!
And don’t judge yourself based on where you are currently!
The best of you is still ahead of you!
And Remember, “You can succeed if no one believes in you but you will never succeed if you don’t believe in yourself”
I hope this helps somebody!

Written by Pastor Mrs Ifeoma Eze.

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