Pastor Ifeaoma Eze


I was deeply engrossed as I studied. I had actually read for hours through the night. Head bowed, back bent, eyes focused, sweating as my generator couldn’t carry the Air conditioner, I flipped through the textbook, page by page, underlining, highlighting and uploading information necessary to give me an excellent grade in my exams.

After many hours, I lifted my head, stretched my back and said “I am ready for this exam” …. All of a sudden, a very deep thought took over, The Holy Spirit reminded me that one day, just one day We will all write an EXAM. But the scary fact is this… How ready are We for this EXAM? How prepared are We for that day?

We might have put so much effort and dedication to study for our earthly exam but what effort are We putting into the study of God’s word?
For just one day, We do not know when it will be, it might be now, today or next week, We will be faced with our Examiner who will expect answers from us. We will be required to give account of our lives, our thoughts, our decisions, our words.

What result do you think you will have in that examination?
Can I tell you that there are only two results:
1. Welcome thou Faithful Servant or
2. Depart from me ye worker of iniquity.
Which one shall it be?

My name is Pst Mrs Ifeoma Eze
(The Voice of One Crying in The City)


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